Spice up your Game

Coaching to become a better game master.
Intake is free. €50 for the first session, 40 for each session after that.

Glimpse into the Unknown

Learn a new system of roleplaying games in only two 4-hour sessions.
€180 for a two-session adventure.
€40 for the third session where I teach you how to run the system for your players.

An Adventure of a Lifetime

A 4 hour one-shot in a system that you’re already familiar with, that is guaranteed to be something new and unique. You can either join up alone, or with a group.
€25 per player if you join on your own.
€90 total if you come with a group of 4 to 6.

Step into a Magic World

4 to 5 hour session which includes explaining the rules, and a short adventure that goes through all the basics.
€70 total for a group between 3 and 6.


Changes to the standard limits are usually possible, such as longer sessions or sessions with more people. These changes may modify the prices.
Contact me if you want to know what is possible.