Welcome to the Guide’s Tavern, where I delight in introducing new players to the hobby, and improving the fun of those who already play.

If you are new to roleplaying games, you want to take a look at Step into a Magic World, which is designed as an easy introduction.

If you already have experience, I have several other experiences to offer.

If you run your own game, or want to start running one, check out Spice up Your Game, where I help you to make the game more exciting for your players.

If you want to learn something new and different, see what I have to offer at Glimpse into the Unknown.

If you’d rather stick with what you know, and just want a fun time with friends or colleagues, I have what you’re looking for in An Adventure of a Lifetime.

Whatever you choose, my adventures are always custom made, including your preferred themes and subjects wherever possible. After all, like any good game master, the most important thing for me, is that you will have fun.